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The History of Photo Booths

An old-fashion mall photo booth
+ a new era of technology
+ selfies/social media fever
= Modern Photo Booths!

Have you ever wondered where all this fun idea of photo booths to enhance your parties came from? There is an extensive story about photo booths and it’s first appearance in history. I will include the link of the entire article, however let’s dive into the condensed version for now…

From Wikipedia:
“Celebrities are vivid users of photo booths in parties”

Since late 1800’s photo booths started making their appearance in Paris, then in Broadway, New York City, in early 1900’s where for 25 cents, the booth took, developed and printed 8 photos, a process taking roughly ten minutes!

Today our booths print from within 15 seconds! (Our newest model at Hollywood Style Photobooths prints within 8 seconds!)

In the first six months after the booth was erected in New York, it was used by 280,000 people!

Photo Booths where also used for passport pictures. As digital cameras, compact photo printers, and flat screen computer monitors became widely available in the early 2000’s, people connected these together using a personal computer and software and created their own photo booths. Entrepreneurs began renting machines built along these lines at weddings and parties and the idea spread. From 2005 to 2012, interest in the United States for photo booth rentals grew significantly. By 2016 more people were searching for photo booth rentals than DJ rentals in 15 of North America’s largest cities. Photo booth rentals have also become popular in other countries such as Canada, Australia, and the UK. So far in 2016 there is an average of 226,000 monthly searches for a photo booth globally, this has risen by 48.9% since 2015.

Soon old-fashioned party favors began to get replaced by the rental of a photo booth. Who wants a trinket from wedding when you can can fun memories in the form of fun photos! Your guests are entertained and EACH guest receives a picture to take home as a party favor!

Warning: The majority of photo booths say they offer “unlimited pictures and unlimited prints” however they only two photos per session (e.g.: if the session had 8 people, they would only get two prints). If each of the guests desired a copy they must “line up” for another session. Further, the event/party organizer is often expected to pay considerably more if their client desired one print “per person.”

One of the most popular comments we have encountered at our events are related to the “real” unlimited prints we offer. At Hollywood Style Photobooths we take our Photo booth fun to the highest level and we want each of your guests to take home a copy of their experience as an extension of your party! A Perfect Party Favor!

Another highlight of having a quality photo booth at your reception is that it brings elegance to your venue. There are several types of photo booths out there, some are fancy and elegant, however many are less-than-desirable.

Click here for the fascinating history of photo booths.

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